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Rare Slugs Spotted in Wild Spores Cavern!

A new cavern has been added to Slug Seeker Mode, and rumour has it some rare slugs live there! Plus, two limited-edition slugs have been spotted, so head over to Slug Seeker Mode to find them before they’re gone!

New Slug Species in Slug Seeker Mode!

Alert, alert, new slug sighting! Update your game to version 2.6 for some epic additions to Slug Seeker mode—and do it fast, because the new cavern and slugs will only be available for a limited time. Explore the limited-edition Dojang Grotto cavern, and search for two brand new slug species that have never been seen before in all of Slugterra! Make sure you find yours soon—they won’t be available for long.

Slug it Out! is now available in Mandarin!

Limited-Edition Cavern and Slugs in Slug Seeker Mode!

Update your game to version 2.5 for some amazing additions to Slug Seeker Mode! The new Snowdance Cavern will only be available for a limited time, so start playing it now before it disappears! Two brand new, limited-edition slugs can be found in Snowdance Cavern—including one species that’s never been seen before in all of Slugterra! Find yours before they’re gone!

Hunt for rare slugs in new Slug Seeker mode!

Check out the brand new Slug Seeker mode, where you can search for rare slugs all over the 99 caverns! Play Slug Seeker to collect even more slugs to add to your arsenal.

Hop Rock is finally here! Head to the arsenal to unlock this explosive slug. Then, check out the new Chapter 16: Shadow Crossing, and help Eli defend Quisingly Cavern from an onslaught of soldiers and Dr. Blakk’s new allies, the Darkbane!

Tempesto Has Arrived!

The ghoul you've all been waiting for is finally here! Head to the Arsenal to unlock TEMPESTO and blow your foes away with a tornado attack that reflects your opponent's slugs.

Version 2.3 also comes with a new chapter. In Chapter 15: Back to Blakk, a meeting with Dr. Blakk gives Eli insight into his enemy's past and provides clues to the mystery of Will Shane's disappearance.

The latest version also comes with new daily rewards--the more often you play, the more you'll get rewarded!

Head to the App Store or Google Play store to download version 2.3 today!

Arm yourself with Armashelt!

In the latest update to Slug it Out! we’ve made one of your dreams come true! Armashelt is finally available! Head to the arsenal to unlock this hard-hitting slug.

The next chapter is also here! In Chapter 14: Found in Dreams, Eli must battle intriguing opponents within his own dream, all while struggling with constant visions of Dr. Blakk!

Challenge mode has also been updated and rebalanced!

Be sure to play every weekend to see which rare slugs, fusion shots and ghouls appear in the weekend rare slug events. Follow our Facebook page to get the latest news and strategy tips for each week’s rare slug!

Defend Slugterra from the Darkbane!

Version 2.1 of Slug it Out! is here! Story Mode continues with Chapter 13: Fire and Brimstone. As if escaping the Darkbane prison wasn’t hard enough, Eli must now defend the slug gate to prevent the Darkbane army from invading Slugterra!

To help stop the Darkbane, you can head over to the arsenal to unlock the newly added ghoul Aquafreak!

If you need more slugs in your arsenal, be sure to play every weekend to see which rare slugs, fusion shots and ghouls make an appearance in the weekend rare slug events. Follow our Facebook page to get the latest news and strategy tips for the rare slug event each week!

Slugslinger Showdown Available Now!

The new Slugterra mobile game Slugslinger Showdown is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Tap into the App Store today to blast into battle!

To play, tap enemies to fire a slug, and hold to charge up your shot. Swipe Eli back and forth to duck, dodge and flip out of harm’s way. With each shot, your slugs get pumped up until they're ready for a supercharged hit that can take out multiple enemies at once! Customize your blaster with high-tech mods and blast your way to victory.

Start playing Slugslinger Showdown today—and stay tuned for more updates to Slug it Out! coming soon!

New mobile game coming soon!

The makers of Slug it Out! are bringing you a brand new Slugterra mobile game! Slugterra: Slugslinger Showdown is coming in May 2015. Get ready to duck, dodge and blast slugs to defeat Dr. Blakk’s minions and save Slugterra!

Coming to the App Store May 2015! Get ready to blast into battle!

Slug it Out 2.0 – Ghoul Slugs Unleashed!

They're finally here! Ghoul slugs have been unleashed in Slug it Out 2.0! Take your pick of four ghouls to add to your arsenal: Darkfurnus, Frostfang, Flatulo Rex, and Amperling. More coming soon!

Check out the new chapter in Story Mode, Chapter 12: The Deep Dark, and escape the Deep Caverns with the help of your new ghouls!

Complete weekly challenges in Challenge Mode for your chance to win big rewards, and be sure to play every weekend for a chance to add a new rare slug, ghoul or fusion shot to your arsenal.

Slug it Out is now available in Korean.

Introducing a whole new Challenge Mode!

Version 1.9 of Slug it Out! is here, and with it comes a brand new Challenge Mode. The Challenge Mode you knew has been totally revamped! Now, beat the new daily and weekly challenges before they expire to earn great rewards! You can still compete for top scores on the leader boards in Endless Mode.

Plus, unlock another awesome fusion shot - Frostcrawler and Grenuke combine for a Frostbomb fusion shot with the power of fire and ice! Be sure to keep playing every weekend for a chance to unlock rare slugs and fusion shots that are only available for a limited time.

Slug it Out! is now available in French!


You asked for it, and we delivered—with version 1.6 we are thrilled to launch Slug it Out! for Android! Download now on Google Play and start slugging it out on your Android smartphone or tablet!

Save the Molenoid Kingdom and Collect Thresher and Frightgeist!

Chapter 8 of Slug it Out! is here! In story mode, save the Molenoid Kingdom from Sedo and dastardly Shame Gang! Ensure your victory with two new slugs - Thresher and Frightgeist are waiting to be unlocked in the arsenal. Plus, switch it up by playing as one of three new characters.
Slug it Out! is now available in Greece! Not available in your region yet? Don't worry - we're working on bringing it to you soon. Follow our Facebook page to make sure you're up to date on all the latest Slug it Out! news: www.facebook.com/Slugterra

Battle Malvolio Drake and Collect New Slugs!

The next chapter of Slug it Out! has arrived! In story mode, protect the waters of Slugterra and defeat Malvolio Drake's crew of pirates! For extra slug power, head to the arsenal to unlock and collect three new slugs: Aquabeek, Makobreaker, and Flaringo.
In multiplayer mode, ensure victory against your opponents with brand new boosters!
Slug it Out! is available in 117 countries, and we're bringing it to even more territories soon! Don't miss the announcement when it launches in your region-follow Slugterra on Facebook for all the latest news: www.facebook.com/Slugterra

Global rollout has begun!

Slug it Out! is now available in 117 territories! It has launched across North, Central and South America, as well as in many countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Check the App Store for more details. If it hasn't come to you yet-don't worry! We are working on bringing Slug it Out! to more territories as soon as possible. Check back often!

Slug it Out! is currently available in:

Introducing the new Multiplayer Mode!

It's finally here! The new version of Slug it Out! is available now for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®, featuring a new multiplayer mode! Go to the Game Center to challenge your friends to one-on-one duels, and sling your way to the top! Along the way, look for two new slugs, 29 new characters you can play as, and a new chapter in story mode.

To start playing the new multiplayer mode, update your copy of Slug it Out! or if you're new to the game, download it from the App Store, where it is still FREE for a limited time! It will be going back to a paid app soon, so get it while you can!

Slug it Out! is also now available in English in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Ireland, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and Luxembourg.

FREE! Limited time offer!

Hey Slugslingers, want to slug it out with your friends and compete for top scores? Starting May 16th for a limited time only, Slug it Out! will be available for free in the App Store! It will be going back to a paid app again soon so get it while you can!

If you already have the game, stay tuned for a big new update that you will be able to download for free.

Thanks for playing!

Introducing the new Slugslinger Challenge Mode!

Ready for a new challenge? Compete for top scores in the leader boards and become the best slugslinger around! Simply select the challenge mode from the main menu and play endlessly against a horde of opponents, then post your highest scores to the Game Center.

Need a boost to get through a tough section, or maybe just a fun new way to play? Check out the new store front in Slug it Out! for special new items like blaster boosters, slug chargers and new characters!

To start playing in Slugslinger Challenge Mode, update your copy of Slug it Out! or purchase a copy game from the App Store for new players. Slug it Out! is available for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®.