Power: Fire

A powerful and extremely rare fire slug. The most famous Infurnus slug of all is Eli's best friend Burpy.


Power: Toxic

This toxic stink slug's Blorf Ball attack releases a foul stench on contact, making an opponent feel sick.


Power: Ice

Mainly used as a defence slug, Frostcrawler uses its Glaciator move to create a wall of ice and protect Eli from his opponent's shots.


Power: Electricity

This electrifying slug zaps opponents with its Tazerbolt move, producing a series of electrical arcs.


Power: Earth

A helpful attack slug, Arachnets can launch a web-like net at an opponent, tangling them up and slowing their attacks.


Power: Light

Rich in natural slug energy, Fandangos can boost the attack moves of slugs in your arsenal to give them a power up when you need it most.


Power: Light

Enigmo slugs align slug energies, so when used, it will help a slugslinger power up slugs faster.

Boon Doc

Power: Light

An extremely rare and powerful healing slug, Boon Doc's Medici move can restore a slugslinger's health in battle. Most importantly, it can heal a ghoul slug.


Power: Fire

This explosive slug plants damaging bombs on your opponent's board.


Power: Water

With its giant teeth, this sharky slug can chomp through an opponent's attacks. For each basic move it eats, Makobreaker's attack power grows.


Power: Ramming

Rammstone slugs pack a powerful punch. Only the strongest slugs can withstand a strike from these strong offensive slugs.


Power: Flight

Hoverbugs are powerful flyers, so they can airlift an opponent or their slugs right out of your way!


Power: Water

This hydro-powered slug sends quick blasts of water at your opponent, leaving them soaked before they know what hit them!


Power: Fire

Add some extra firepower to your arsenal with this hot-headed offensive slug!


Power: Metal

This chomping slug becomes more powerful every time Eli gets hit by an enemy slug.


Power: Psychic

This spooky slug scares an enemy into firing all of their slugs off at once, leaving them ammo-less and powerless.


Power: Psychic

This mysterious slug can cloud your opponent’s vision, leaving them in a fog of confusion.


Power: Light

This rare and powerful Boon Doc slug swaps your board tiles when it attacks.


Power: Water

Reflects the opponent's slug.


Power: Metal

An Xmitter slug can disable your opponent’s blaster with a magnetic pulse.


Power: Air

This blustery slug forms a defensive wind shield that deflects oncoming slugs.


Power: Light

Phosphoro’s abundance of slug energy lets charges all of your slugs while also dealing a blow to your opponent!


Power: Toxic

This toxic slug attacks with a poisonous burst that saps your opponent’s health.


Power: Water

This gooey slug damages your opponent with a slime blast, which slows down their slugs!


Power: Cannonball

When Armashelt collides with a slug at the same level, this heavy-hitting slug powers through, becoming a lower level projectile instead of getting cancelled out, and continues on to your opponent!


Power: Exploder

This hard headed slug drops bombs on your opponent’s board.


Power: Metal

This trick-shot slug attacks your opponent at high speed!


Power: Tunneler

This tunneling slug can withstand hits from your opponent’s slugs, continuing on at a lower level instead of stopping.


Power: Metal/Magnet Slug

This little magnetic slug wreaks havoc on your foe’s blaster, preventing them from firing slugs.


Power: Trance

This hypnotic slug confuses its target, forcing them to fire all of their slugs at once.


Power: Air

This supersonic slug emits a volley of hypersonic blasts at your opponent.


Power: Ice

This chubby, chilly slug is a brand new species! Its icy blast freezes your opponent while speeding up your other slugs!


Power: Fire

This fire-breathing slug surrounds your foe with a ring of fire that burns them over time.


Power: Light

This generous slug generates coins for you as it flies across the battlefield!


Power: Crystalizer Slug

Geoshard fires a volley of crystal shards at your opponent.


Power: Psychic

This trickster slug drains your opponent’s slug power while also dealing damage!


Power: Air

This jokester slug drains your opponent’s slug gauges with a blast of laughing gas!

Fusion Shots


Power: Fire and Electricity

This fusion shot of Infurnus and Tazerling slugs packs a fiery punch and will give your opponent a nasty shock!


Power: Earth and Psychic

This fusion shot of Arachnet and Frightgeist slugs gives your opponent a nasty scare and slows them down.


Power: Water and Light

This fusion shot of Aquabeak and Fandango slugs gives a fast offensive attack while charging all your slugs for the next move!


Power: Light and Toxic

This fusion shot of Boon Doc and Flatulorhinkus heals you while draining your opponent’s slug powers.


Power: Ice and Fire

This fusion shot of Frostcrawler and Grenuke freezes your foe while dropping bombs on their board!


Power: Psychic

This fusion shot of Negashade and Ping clouds your opponent’s vision and swaps your board tiles, leaving them confused and disadvantaged!


Power: Air and Water

This fusion shot of Tormato and Jellyish creates a defensive wind shield while damaging the opponent and slowing down their slugs.


Power: Ice and Air

This fusion shot of Narwhaddle and Slyren attacks with a volley of hypersonic shots, while leaving an icy slick that speeds up your other slugs!


Power: Fire

A powerful and extremely rare fire ghoul, Darkfurnus’s Darkpyre attack will blast your opponent, but not without burning you.


Power: Dark Flame

The blast from Pyringo’s Heatseeker attack damages your opponent but singes you in the process.


Power: Dark Ice

Frosting’s Creepfreeze move can freeze your opponent solid with a powerful blast of ice.


Power: Zapper

TAmperling’s Amperjolt attack deals heavy damage and stuns the opponent but also paralyzes your slugs for short time.

Flatulo Rex

Power: Toxic Stink

Flatulo Rex's Stenchwall attack drains your opponent’s slugs with its foul odour, but also conceals your board with gassy clouds.


Power: Dark Web

Attacknet’s Constrictor move tangles your opponent, damaging them and slowing their slugs down while also locking your slugs for a short time.


Power: Dark Water

Aquafreak strikes at super high speed with its Aquablade attack, but takes a longer time to charge.


Power: Dark Bomb

Greneater plants several Spikesploder bombs on your opponent’s board, but takes a longer time to charge.


Power: Dark Toxin

Neurotox uses its Toxiclysm move to create a toxic burst that poisons your opponent while also draining your slugs.


Power: Dark Photon

Photomo drains your slug gauges while flying but gives you a huge burst of slug energy when it hits your opponent.


Power: Dark Shadow

Creates a tornado that reflects one of the opponent’s slugs.


Power: Cutting and Chomping

This big-toothed ghoul deals lots of damage, but becomes weaker when Eli is injured.


Power: Dark Shadow

This fearsome ghoul scares your opponent into firing all of their slugs at once, but also drains your own slugs.

Fusion Shots


Power: Dark Shadow

This fusion shot of Photomo and Aquafreak slowly drains your slug energy as it travels, but when it strikes, you get a big boost while damaging your foe!


Power: Fire and Toxic

This fusion shot of Burpy and Flatulorex seriously drains your opponent’s slug energy, but also clouds your board with gas and damages you.


Power: Dark Shadow

This fusion shot of Neurotox and Amperling locks your opponent’s board and slugs, but also drains your health and slugs’ energy.


Power: Vine and Dark Ice

This fusion shot of Frostfang and Briardrill freezes and locks your opponent’s board in a tangle of vines and ice, but also locks yours for a short time.

Scythe Wave

Power: Dark Shadow

This fusion shot of Tempesto and Pyringo creates a flaming tornado that deals heavy damange, bust also burns you.

Burr Bomb

Power: Dark Shadow

This fusion shot of Greneater and Attacknet drops bombs on your foe’s board while slowing their slugs, but it also briefly locks your slugs.